The Middleton Tattoo Studio was opened for trade in August 1981 by its owner and operator Louis Molloy, who was 18 years old at that time. The studio has gone on from strength to strength and is now one of the most highly regarded and successful Tattoo Studios in the UK.

If you have any other questions please contact us

Q: I want a tattoo but am not sure what I want?

A: If you want a tattoo, there isn’t much point in contacting the studio till you know what you want. I can’t think for you as a tattoo is very individual and what one-person likes another may not. When you do know, then get in touch. Alternately you can call into the studio to look through our designs.

Q: How big and where?

A: Similar answer to above. Think about size and placement. You can’t do vast amounts of detail on a small tattoo, it does not look good. Think about where you want it, as you will be wearing it for life.

Q: I want a full back tattoo, how much?

A: How long is a piece of string! The more information you give the simpler it is to give a price. Two tattoos can be the same size but one can be three times more expensive because of the detail and placement. (This can apply to any tattoo).

Q: How long is the waiting list?

A: This depends on the time of year. Summer can be 4-8 months and wintertime is less. Evenings and weekends tend to get booked up first so if you can get in midweek through the day your waiting time will be less.

Q: I want you to draw me a design yet you seem reluctant to do it?

A: I will draw a design on the strict understanding that this has to be paid for. Too many times I have had my time wasted by people who then decide its not what they want or whatever but the fact is this takes up time and has to be paid for (£50 for a basic sketch or more for a full colour picture).

Q: Can you send me some examples of tattoo designs?

A: No. If you want to see the portfolios you will have to come to the studio to look at them. I have sent work out in the past only for people to then take them to another studio to get tattooed.

Q: Why do I have to pay a deposit with the booking?

A: This secures the appointment and is a guarantee for me. All to often people want the tattoo done there and then. This is almost impossible to do and hence why the appointment is needed. Sometimes people then change their mind or whatever but don’t always bother ringing up to tell us thereby wasting my time. A deposit can be paid by credit card (if this is done then it is NON REFUNDABLE*) or cash (which is refundable with a 7 day cancellation notice). There is a 7 day cancellation notice and if after confirming your booking that you don’t turn up you will be charged the full amount of the tattoo. * This is because I have to pay VAT and tax on a credit card deposit and with bookings being so far ahead it is a paperwork nightmare to do the refund therefore CREDIT CARD DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE!!!

Q: Can I book online?

A: No, It is much simpler to call the studio.

Q: Why are your email responses very short?

A: I have to answer anything between 20-50 emails a day so I give a brief answer to the question and no more as I don’t have the time but be assured I will answer your questions unless they are stupid or abusive in which case they will more than likely be ignored. Another issue we constantly have to deal with is email ping pong which is bad enough in itself but when its for a tattoo that is the size of a postage stamp then I am sorry but you will be ignored. Be precise and to the point about what you want. Half arsed emails asking, “How much does a sleeve/half sleeve/Back piece/Tattoo cost” will be ignored.  This kind of question more often than not is really asking a selection of studios, who will do it the cheapest and get you in the soonest. I can tell you now that we are not the cheapest and you will have to wait to get the work done.  The fact that these kind of clients do not value the brand or concept of what good tattooing is about doesn’t mean that we don’t and will never ever undersell our work or what we do.

Q: I would like to have a portrait tattooed on myself

A: This is not a problem to do. The problem I do have however is trying to make people understand that what you see is what you get, so, if you expect me to work from a blurred snap shot then forget it. Snap shots are a nightmare to work from. They are often blurred and the lighting is nearly always wrong and this can sometimes make the tattoo look wrong. I appreciate that in some instances that the subject person may not be alive in which case I have to make a call on the merits of the images you may have but if this is not the case then please try to get a professionally done photo. Or if not a least a good photo. You just can’t believe some of the images people expect me to work from and if I am not happy with the photo then I will not do the tattoo

Q: Why are you rude to telesales people?

A: Because they are parasites. If I want something, I will ask for it and I don’t appreciate people wasting my time.

Q: When are you open?

A: Mon-Sat, 10am-7pm. Always call before coming down to the studio as sometimes I may finish early or may be away on holiday. Another thing that seems to be more and more common is people coming to the studio thinking that we are closed. PLEASE READ THE SIGN!  It says in four inch high letters “ENTRANCE AT REAT OF THE BUILDING” If this part of the sign was any bigger, people would start too think that was the name of the studio.

Q: Why do you like a customer to supply you with some form of visual images

A: Everyone has their own ideas of what they want and they see it in a certain way, however, this might not be the way I see it. Providing me with visual images of styles and types of work you like will help me to give you the tattoo YOU want and not so much what I think you want.

Q: I ring but get no answer?

A: The phone line is answered between 11am and 5-30pm. The reason for this is that due to the volume of calls. If I answer the phone every time it rang when the receptionist was not here I would never get any work done so please be patient and ring during the times quoted above.

Q: I want to become a tattoo artist

A: I get emails asking this all the time. What I don’t understand is why people email me asking to become a tattooist and don’t bother sending any images? They don’t seem to have any portfolio? They can’t draw? They can’t spell, yet just like that they think I want to take them on?? The simple answer is that I don’t have any vacancies for an apprentice. However if you do apply, please make sure that you can use the spell check on your computer and that you attach GOOD images of any artwork. If you can’t do any of those then please don’t waste either mine or your own time applying. Also don’t ask me questions like, “what machines/colour/needles do you use” or questions of this nature.  There will be no answer.

Q: I want a “All White Tattoo”

A: It would seem that people see something like a “White tattoo” or a “Black light” tattoo, Fluorescent or some other quirky things like these on the internet and take it as read that it is ok to do them. I can tell you now they will end up looking crap and as a consequence don’t want to do them. I am tired of getting into spats with people who “Saw them on the net and they look cool”, who think that it’s ok to just go ahead and do them. I would never want to put my name to something that in a few months or years will look rubbish. Also “Black Light” tattoos and other similar types of work can contain substances in the pigment which can be harmful so if you still want this kind of work? Go somewhere else! Another frequent request is the “I want my Mum’s, Dad’s, sister, brother, granny, grandad, next doors cat, dog, parrots ashes mixed in with the tattoo colour so they will “Always be with me” NO! We don’t do it and you are putting your health at risk if you do so

Q: I am coming long distance and need a hotel to stay in and somewhere to eat?

A: See the links page for all this information