Trip to Switzerland

I took a small businessman’s holiday to Switzerland and paid a visit to Orlando’s tattoo studio which is in a small suburb of Basel.

I had some more work done to complete some work on my chest to cover some old work that was partly layered out. Whilst there, I was treated to a visit to Chez Donati which is a very old Italian restaurant and is real old school Italian cooking, the food is superb.

Starter was Ravioli, followed by beef tournedos and chocolate mousse for desert. Superb!

Paid a visit to Zurich and had a stroll down the Bahnhofstrasse. This is the place where all those private “Swiss Banks” are and should you ever go, check out the clothing shop “Bruno’s” – the stuff and prices have got to be seen to be believed, £3000 for a jumper, I kid you not.