Mike Sweeney

Anyone growing up and living in Manchester during the 80’s and 90’s will know the name of Mike Sweeney. Mike is a local legend and DJ of many many years and is probably most well know from his years on Piccadilly Radio or Key 103 as it is now. Mike is currently at Real Radio http://www.rockradiomanchester.co.uk/rock-jocks-shows/rock-jocks-m4cs/mike-sweeney/q9xwe3m2/ doing the Breakfast show with Dewsbury who interviewed me at my gallery show last year

Anyways Mike was first tattooed by me in 1996 so it was a great honor to be asked by Mike to do some more work on him which I did last month and here are the photos of then and now which I am sure Mike will thank me for but I will thank Mike for coming in and the two of us having a great trip down memory lane